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Zacharias Smith

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19th September 2004

8:01pm: Do you know what it's time for?

When: Next Saturday 9pm - whenever
Where: Greenbrooke Pond (contact zosternaut@screamingbanshee.net for directions)
Why: It's my bloody birthday, you sods!
Who: Anyone of the esteemed Hufflepuff House, or anyone friendly to those sorts.
Current Mood: energetic

21st May 2004

Determines whether they play in the finals or not over summer! If they beat Tutshill they're IN! Come on, people! SUPPORT YOUR TeAM! This Friday. Be there or be a nobody!
Current Mood: Go Wasps!

3rd May 2004

11:29am: O I
Oi, I need to get discovered soon. Busy season's been hittin and I've never been tired like this in myl ife. Dealing with customers day in and day isn't really all I thought it'd be. Not my cup at all. some customers are alright but most are bloody obnoxious prickheads don't know an 18th sentury quaffle from the hole in their arses. Think I'll have to see about getting more help on teh weekends. new shipment of World Cup memrobelia is due in come sunday so before then would be aces. Got called aces today by a customer didn't buy nothing. Great bloke, though. Head was enormous.
Current Mood: working

19th February 2004

3:01pm: Getting busy.
Man, what a bloody Valentine's, yeah? The Harpies were top form. Looking forward to the game next month, really. Good weather for it! Been getting busier. Probably good, that. Been a weird fucking month, let me just say. Yeah. Weird.
Current Mood: indescribable

10th February 2004

1:08pm: Oi!
I didn't snog Ernie Macmillan! I'd remember doing something like that! I Did spend the night with Susie Bones, but I was pissed and don't remember too much after the not-snogging-Ernie bit. Woke up starkers, though. And she was barefoot. XD

The game STARTED brilliantly, but the wasps were robbedin the last play. Gregory Hark had more right to that snitch than Viktor Bloody Krum. Give us a break! He's not even British!
Current Mood: energetic

2nd February 2004

11:50pm: GO WASPS
Anyone going to the game next week? Wasps vs. Magpies!!! COME ON PEOPLE! Don't you care?!? This may be the most important game of the bloody season!!!
Current Mood: hyper

28th November 2003

8:35pm: Guy Fawkes
Holidays officially start this month, I guess! I've been pretty pissed all motnh. I mean, not just for Guy Fawkes or anything because that's just one night. But ALL MONTH. Between Quidditch games and the pub and this party that took place on All Hallow's. I guess that was technically last month. I guess the hols started Last month, then, really. :-) I don't have a whole lot to say here. Might have a girl! She hasn't called me yet or anything but I'm pretty sure she will. Things are looking pretty bloody great for me, all told! :-D How are you, then?
Current Mood: drunk

18th October 2003

9:49pm: I have a journal!
And nothing to say. Are there any other Hufflepuffs out there??? I ran a search and came up with shite all. Who's going to the Wasps game next week? GO WASPS!
Current Mood: optimistic
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